Bob serves up tasty hotdogs to volunteers
during a clean-up day in Aldergrove


The Past

Born on Robbie Burns Day in England in 1957, Bob moved to the Fraser Valley in 1968. Just ten years later at only 21 years old, Bob founded The NEWS newspaper in Maple Ridge - a community weekly that went on to win a number of awards and still publishes today.

In 1986 he joined the staff of Trinity Western University as manager of the University Press and later that decade, Bob started a commercial printing company in Langley called University Printers Ltd. and he ran the company untill the 1999 civic election when he won his first seat on Township council.

Before that, Bob was active in various community groups and organizations in Langley. He served on the board of directors of the Langley Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years and served as president of the chamber in 1997-98.

In 2003 he received the Chamber's Business Person f the Year award!

In Aldergrove, he was President of Festival Days Society for several years and still volunteers each year at the annual Fair Days.


The Present

With a passion to engage people and issues at a 'down to earth' level, Bob is always willing to get together to discuss views on how we can make our communities better places for everyone.

"call me on my cell and let's get together any time to discuss my favourite topic: The Future of the Township!

During his five terms on council, Bob served on many regional, provincial and national local government organizations: as president of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association, as director of the Union of British Columba Municipalities, Chair of the BC caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and co-chair of the FCM Joint committee on community corrections.

Active on the sound system at a local event

Performing at The Langley walk, 2011


Bob also operates a stage, lighting and sound production company called Mainstage Productions. - He is blessed with a talented ear for music and has, since high school, been interested in sound systems. Running them, tuning them, building them.

In 1986, Bob began to engineer live concerts for gospel music performers such as David Meece, Wayne Watson, Phil Keaggy, Michael Card and many others. He toured the USA with Dove and Grammy award winner Steven Curtis Chapman, and Bob still keeps active on the sound console whenever Gospel artists frequent the Vancouver area.

Today, Bob resides with wife Karen in Aldergrove, and there together they own and operate a family restaurant called Bob's Steakhouse

It has been my honour and privilege to have served on Langley Township Council, providing quality leadership and a voice for the community for the past 15 years. I look forward to your support as continue and serve another term!
- Bob Long

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